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Han S, Dicker ML, Lopez-Ichikawa M, Vu NK, Rubinsky B, Chang TT
Irreversible Electroporation of the Liver Increases the Transplant Engraftment of Hepatocytes.
The Journal of surgical research, 2023-09-20.
Nastase G, Botea F, Be?chea GA, Câmpean ?I, Barcu A, Neac?u I, Herlea V, Popescu I, Chang TT, Rubinsky B, ?erban A
Isochoric Supercooling Organ Preservation System.
Bioengineering (Basel, Switzerland), 2023-08-07.
Botea F, Nastase G, Herlea V, Chang TT, ?erban A, Barcu A, Rubinsky B, Popescu I
An exploratory study on isochoric supercooling preservation of the pig liver.
Biochemistry and biophysics reports, 2023-05-16.
Zhang Y, Lv Y, Wang Y, Chang TT, Rubinsky B
Pancreatic islets implanted in an irreversible electroporation generated extracellular matrix in the liver.
Radiology and oncology, 2023-01-19.
Weng Y, Han S, Sekyi MT, Su T, Mattis AN, Chang TT
Self-assembled Matrigel-free iPSC-derived liver organoids demonstrate wide-ranging highly-differentiated liver functions.
Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio), 2022-12-27.
Lopez-Ichikawa M, Vu NK, Nijagal A, Rubinsky B, Chang TT
Neutrophils are important for the development of pro-reparative macrophages after irreversible electroporation of the liver in mice.
Scientific reports, 2021-07-22.
Song X, Xu H, Wang P, Wang J, Affo S, Wang H, Xu M, Liang B, Che L, Qiu W, Schwabe RF, Chang TT, Vogl M, Pes GM, Ribback S, Evert M, Chen X, Calvisi DF
Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) promotes cholangiocarcinoma development and progression via YAP activation.
Journal of hepatology, 2021-05-27.
Conroy PC, Colley A, Bongiovanni T, Chang TT, Harris H
Jejunal prolapse and incarceration following feeding tube exchange.
The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, 2020-09-09.
Weng Y, Lieberthal TJ, Zhou VX, Lopez-Ichikawa M, Armas-Phan M, Bond TK, Yoshida MC, Choi WT, Chang TT
Liver epithelial focal adhesion kinase modulates fibrogenesis and hedgehog signaling.
JCI insight, 2020-09-10.
Maya A. Lopez-Ichikawa,Tammy T. Chang
Intra-Vital Imaging Demonstrates Robust Recruitment of Neutrophils after Irreversible Electroporation Tissue Ablation.
Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 2019-10-01.
Lyu C, Lopez-Ichikawa M, Rubinsky B, Chang TT
Normal and fibrotic liver parenchyma respond differently to irreversible electroporation.
HPB : the official journal of the International Hepato Pancreato Biliary Association, 2019-03-14.
Jennifer Y. Chen,Dhruv Thakar,Tammy T. Chang
Liver Fibrosis: Current Approaches and Future Directions for Diagnosis and Treatment.
, 2019-01-01.
Zhang Y, Lyu C, Liu Y, Lv Y, Chang TT, Rubinsky B
Molecular and histological study on the effects of non-thermal irreversible electroporation on the liver.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2018-06-07.
Chang TT, Zhou VX, Rubinsky B
Using non-thermal irreversible electroporation to create an in vivo niche for exogenous cell engraftment.
BioTechniques, 2017-05-01.
Chang TT
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), 2017-03-30.
Zhou VX, Lolas M, Chang TT
Direct orthotopic implantation of hepatic organoids.
The Journal of surgical research, 2016-12-29.
Chang TT, Thakar D, Weaver VM
Force-dependent breaching of the basement membrane.
Matrix biology : journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology, 2016-12-23.
Tammy T. Chang,Vivian X. Zhou
Hepatic Focal Adhesion Kinase Signaling Modulates Development of Liver Fibrosis.
Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 2016-10-01.
Choi WT, Chang TT, Gill RM
Gastrointestinal Zygomycosis Masquerading as Acute Appendicitis.
Case reports in gastroenterology, 2016-05-19.
Desai SS, Tung JC, Zhou VX, Grenert JP, Malato Y, Rezvani M, Español-Suñer R, Willenbring H, Weaver VM, Chang TT
Physiological ranges of matrix rigidity modulate primary mouse hepatocyte function in part through hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha.
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), 2016-03-09.
Hughes-Fulford M, Chang TT, Martinez EM, Li CF
Spaceflight alters expression of microRNA during T-cell activation.
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 2015-08-14.
Chang TT, Spurlock SM, Candelario TL, Grenon SM, Hughes-Fulford M
Spaceflight impairs antigen-specific tolerance induction in vivo and increases inflammatory cytokines.
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 2015-06-17.
Chang TT, Hughes-Fulford M
Molecular mechanisms underlying the enhanced functions of three-dimensional hepatocyte aggregates.
Biomaterials, 2013-12-12.
Chang TT, Walther I, Li CF, Boonyaratanakornkit J, Galleri G, Meloni MA, Pippia P, Cogoli A, Hughes-Fulford M
The Rel/NF-?B pathway and transcription of immediate early genes in T cell activation are inhibited by microgravity.
Journal of leukocyte biology, 2012-07-02.
Chang TT, Hughes-Fulford M
Monolayer and spheroid culture of human liver hepatocellular carcinoma cell line cells demonstrate distinct global gene expression patterns and functional phenotypes.
Tissue engineering. Part A, 2009-03-01.
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