Surgery Websites


Principal Investigator

Tammy T. Chang, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Surgery
Division of General Surgery

Research Team

Yun Weng, Ph.D

School of Medicine

Marie Dicker

Staff Research Associate

Selin Flor

Undergraduate Researcher

Jessica M Herrera

Ph.D. Student

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Graduate Program in Bioengineering

Armaan Nangia

Undergraduate Researcher

Wilson Chen

High School Student Volunteer


Simon Han

Undergraduate Research Associate 2019-2022

Current position: Medical Consultant, Trinity Consultants

Maya Lopez-Ichikawa

Former: Staff Research Associate 2018-2020

Current position: PhD student, UCSF Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Graduate Program

Maria Sekyi

Post-Doctoral Scholar 2019-2021

Current position: Engineer, Intel Corporation

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